Saturday, August 16, 2003

on saturdays i teach a group class. today was the final day of the class for this term. today when i got to work i found a note telling me that since i've taught this class for two terms they are giving it to a different teacher and i will have a new group class starting in mid-october. i am not happy. i had just told my class last week that i would be teaching the next level, and so now i had to go in there and tell them that a different teacher would be teaching the next level, and that i wouldn't be teaching them after all. a few of my students were not very happy about this, and at least one said she had thought about continuing but won't now. i'll be complaining to my supervisor about this as they should've told me long ago if they were going to take it away, and they should've lined up a new class for me sooner. on the bright side, this means i'll actually have a two day weekend again.