Sunday, February 29, 2004

last night i finally found the time to watch the grace chang film mambo girl. in this film grace plays a high school girl who loves to sing and dance and is dubbed by her friends and family 'mambo girl'. there is lots of great music in this film, most of it sung by grace, but a few numbers sung by others as well.

there's even a nightclub scene showing chinese hipsters watching a scanitily glad young woman doing some sort of interpretive dance while the chinese tito puente supplies the musical backdrop.

peter and his siblings were pretty horrified by some of the music in the film, especially a scene i really loved where they sung happy birthday, which seemed to combine more traditional chinese pop music with the chinese answer to mambo.

the obligatory reconciliatory scene is accompanied by a great slap as well. how many times do we get a slap as the beginning of some sort of reconcilation?

next up on my list of grace chang films i want to see is air hostess. hopefully some shop here will get that one in as well. her films don't seem very common here unfortunately.