Wednesday, February 11, 2004

my latest mail order of dvds have arrived, so i've been spending the last few days watching some old favourites.

these old don knotts' comedies are of particular interest, not just because i love the films themselves, but for the wonderful scores by vic mizzy. i recall being so impressed with the music of the ghost and mr. chicken as a child that i planned to hold a tape recorder up to the tv speaker to record the music the next time it was on. i never did do that, but in hindsight i think this may be where some of my love for spaceage pop and exotica come from.

serial mom was peter's introduction to john waters(he's since gone on to find joy in his earlier films as well). i found it cheap on vcd(with chinese subtitles) and bought it. peter loved it(his sisters on the otherhand were not so enthralled). when we were in seattle over christmas, peter wanted to find it on dvd. we ran out of time to really do that, so when we got back to taiwan i mail ordered it for him. i somehow doubt we'll be seeing a taiwan edition of this released on dvd.

i haven't seen the young ones in over ten years, but i've often thought of them. it's good to see that i still love their irreverance as much as ever. the quality of the dvd isn't that great, but i'd rather have not so great quality than not being able to see it at all. i wonder if the reason the quality is on the low end is that the master tapes are not in such great shape?