Thursday, February 19, 2004

tonight when i got home i had a package waiting for me from my friend regina in germany. among the goodies was this advert for circus william(and yes, i really look like that). some of the goodies include:

it's like christmas in february around here. well, technically most of these things aren't gifts. as this is part of a trade regina and i have been working on. she bought me stuff i wanted(and i can't find here), and i am going to get her stuff she wants(that she can't find in germany) in return. the dvds are pal region two, but i'm not certain our tv here is pal compatible, but i know i can play them on my pc even if the tv can't. i'm very curious about hyper utesov presents. because i have a japanese release under the same name, but it just lists it as if it's a messer fur frau muller release, but this one is a compilation. so i may of inadvertantly ended up with two copies of the same release(just checked, they are different. different song titles and different number of tracks).