Wednesday, February 25, 2004

yesterday i met up with my swedish friend jan who lives in japan. i know jan from the exoticalist. it's rare for people i know to come to taipei, so i always enjoy showing them around when they do. if they are a foreigner like myself living in asia, it's nice to compare notes on our experiences.

i took jan to the guang hua computer bazaar where he picked up some dvds, and i picked up season three of the simpsons which has finally been released in taiwan. after that we stumbled upon this gorgeous chinese restaurant i'd never seen before(pictured above from their pamphlet). it was a little expensive, but we couldn't resist. the place was really nice and the service excellent.

unfortunately shortly after we left my stomach started to act up and i thought i was going throw up. as a result, i had to cut short the site seeing tour with jan, and cancel my classes for the night(this is also why there was no entry yesterday).