Tuesday, March 16, 2004

the jandek story:

Compared to "real" pop music, Jandek's songs are terrifyingly ugly; in the context of his decades of persistence, the range and mass of his work, they become intensely beautiful and meaningful. They are absolute, pure self-expression, an unfocused, unlit snapshot of his entire adult life. As he told the Texas Monthly reporter who asked him whether he wanted people to "get" what he was doing, "There's nothing to get."

it looks like a great deal of jandek's albums have been re-issued on cd, and you can find more information on the guide to jandek site. and there's even a documentary about him. the trailer makes me really want to see the film and hear more.

a jandek track is also featured on the excellent songs in the keys of z cd companion to the book of the same name.