Saturday, March 20, 2004

today is election day here in taiwan. they are deciding who will be president for the next four years.

yesterday the president and vice-president were shot, but luckily only injured. there are lots of rumours as to who may be responsible, but i doubt we'll ever know. i think it's probably not the kmt(opposition party), though their cronies are largely considered responsible for the first lady being in a wheel chair(the result of a hit and run auto "accident" years before she was first lady). one of my colleagues was certain the president did it himself, but i'm starting to think she's a foreigner shy of a full load.

either way, the election continues. during the last election when the kmt lost, their supporters protested and cried in the streets for weeks. ever since then i've seen them as the cry baby party. if they lose again, it'll be intersting to see if their supporters have matured at all since then. if the kmt wins, china will be happy as the kmt tends to be much more pro-china(to put it mildly).