Monday, April 18, 2005

lost and found. i'm not sure where i found this originally(it was in my bookmarks), but it sounds interesting:

CinemaElectronica announces its first online publication, CE Quarterly. The first issue's theme is "Lost and Found," and each piece submitted must reflect this theme in some way, and be no longer than 15 minutes. A supplementary 'exquisite corpse' is also accepting submissions under the theme "Found," and must be no longer than 30 seconds and be comprised entirely of found footage. Filmmakers may submit more than one piece (as long as the duration of all submissions is no longer than 15 minutes), and may submit to both the main theme and the supplemental "exquisite corpse" (but no more than one exquisite corpse submission per filmmaker).

Other media, especially essays and reviews, will also be considered, as long as it meets the issue's theme, and is in some way related to film and/or cinema electronica

the only problem is there faq seems to be full of gibberish, and their forum doesn't seem to have any clear answers either.