Friday, April 22, 2005

trouble trouble trouble. first thunderbird decided to uninstall itself so i lost a bunch of mail. then i couldn't access photo action boy for awhile because of some blogger problem(it kept redirecting to the blogger start page).

yesterday i got the test roll back i shot on the shumy and there are some problems. a lot of the shots have fog on them similiar to the ones posted below:

i'm planning to run another test roll through taping up the bottom of the camera to see if that fixes some of this problem. a little fog i can deal with, but when it starts to look like there's a cloud hovering over the top of the frame, then something needs to be done.

and finally it looks like the lomo lca is going bye bye(via apparently they are stopping production on them. i've always sort of wanted one, eventhough i much prefer medium size and square format cameras these days. i have a feeling this may result in the prices of the lca going through the roof much like what has happened with the diana.