Sunday, May 15, 2005

this afternoon i spent hanging out with my friend james. he'll be going back to the states next month - and i'll be sad to see him go. he's participating in the ultimate blogger contest(sort of like survivor, but using bloggers and no island), so he brought me up to speed on some of the details on that. i also found out that the flea market he went to for this challenge wasn't in san chong like i thought it was, but in chung he which is much closer to where i live. how could i have gone all these years and not even known such a thing was right around the corner from me? james said there were lots of cameras for sale there. so i'm already having deluded fantasies about finding a diana. we have tentative plans to go check it out one weekend before he leaves, if we can get a weekend where it doesn't rain and force us to cancel such plans.