Saturday, May 21, 2005

this morning i went with james to the chung he flea market. i can't believe i haven't known about this place all these years. it was pretty amazing to just sift through stalls and stalls of junk. surprisingly a lot of the sellers knew a little english and were mightily impressed if we could speak any chinese at all. they were also very friendly which was really nice. i didn't find any diana cameras but i did come away with a two things:

a vcd of the parent trap. the original, i have very little interest in the remake. i mean how could anyone replace hayley mills? plus can you name another disney film where they utter the word "bastards!". well, i'm pretty sure that is what they are saying. i wish it was a dvd, but for 30 nt i'm not complaining.

and a 7" record. it appears to be in very good shape, and was a bit pricey at 200 nt. but since it was like knew i didn't try to talk him down. now once i get my turntable set up again i'll be able to see what it sounds like. there was a lot of vinyl for sale, but i'm not sure of prices. but i can tell that may be something i'll be purchasing more of in the future.

the one drawback to the day was that i forgot to put on sunblock and as a result i'm looking rather like a lobster.