Saturday, May 28, 2005

today i went with mack to the grass festival. of the bands i saw i think the japanese band hazel nuts chocolate was my favourite. they were really fun. they had white boards set up where the singer would draw pictures to explain or introduce the songs(unfortunately, it wasn't always easy to see what she had written). in one song she got out some finger puppets to play along with the song. the band is basically one woman, but she had brought along one of the members of the aprils for this show. seeing them perfrom reminded me of seeing pizzicato five. something about how fun and friendly they are. they seemed to be quite popular with the audience judging by the large line of people waiting to buy their cd and/or get autographs.

another highlight of the day was the hk band my little airport. they did two velvet underground covers( femme fatale and stephanie says) during their set and their songs seemed to go from quirky to more standard indie-pop.

another band i dug was dolly's pillbox. girl indie-pop. made me think of a shoegazer version of the marine girls which is not a bad thing to be.