Sunday, May 29, 2005

today was the second and final day of the grass festival. there seemed to be a few more people today than yesterday, but i felt like the music was weaker. the one big exception to this was the marshmallow kisses - a band from hk. they were the one band i was really looking forward to seeing and despite some technical glitches they were alot of fun. they said they'd be coming back to taiwan. i'd really like to see them in a proper club(ie smaller venue). musically they seemed to fall somewhere between shibuya-kei and siesta. not a bad place to be at all.

mack and i also took a good look over some of the merchandise for sale. at the noble music table they were giving away a comp of stuff they distribute if you bought two of their cds, but once they found out about mack's site and he gave them his business card about it they gave us each a free sampler. hmm, free stuff for a webpage? maybe i should get blogging business cards made up and see if the free stuff flies at me? sadly, what i've heard off the sampler so far isn't doing that much for me.

after the festival we walked to shida and went to owl listen space. a really cool place i'll have to write up a whole post on one day. it's basically a book/cd/record shop as well as a coffee/tea shop. we spent quite a bit of time having the boss play us various records to see if mack wanted to buy them. most of which we listened to he ended up buying. the vinyl prices weren't bad. the second hand cds seemed to be a bit pricey though - at least the ones i was interested in.