Saturday, June 11, 2005

from the sound scavengers list exciting scott walker news:

David Bowie will act as executive producer on the feature-length
documentary, 30 Century Man: The Music of Scott Walker, which will
explore the life and work of one of the greatest and most enigmatic
performers in 20th-century music. A half-hour promo reel was screened
in Cannes during the week, and the film will feature contributions
from many acts influenced by Walker, among them Radiohead, Goldfrapp,
Johnny Marr and, of course, Bowie himself.

the link to the article the quote is taken from i couldn't get to work, but the filmaker has a blog about the film as it progresses. really cool. i wonder if they'll talk to david sylvian or marc almond?

i'm very happy they are doing a proper documentary and not some stupid biopic.