Monday, June 13, 2005

i'm not sure where i read about this new disposable digital camcorder first, but it being mentioned on frameworks mailing list reminded me about it again. it sounds like a cool idea. it'd be great to see some sort of digital version of super 8, but somehow i doubt this camera is it. the fact that you can't download the files themselves you have to send them in to be "processed" doesn't sound so great to me. but if the camera can be hacked it might have possibilities for further lofi digital footage.

speaking of camera functions, have i been asleep the last couple of years or is the stop motion function just no longer available on most digital camcorders? whenever i see it mentioned now it seems to be in relation to an editor, not as an in camera function.

edit: ted has let me know in the comments that boing boing has posted about a hack for the camera.