Thursday, June 16, 2005

oh no! ubuweb will no longer be updating:

UbuWeb 1996-2005

Dear Friends,

UbuWeb is offline for the summer.

The UbuWeb Project -- a decade-long experiment in radical distribution of avant-garde materials -- has finished. Founded in 1996, the project has been a success beyond anyone's wildest expectations. As of Spring, 2005, it averaged over 10,000 visitors daily and hosted nearly a terabyte of artworks in all media by over 500 artists.

The site will be donated to a university shortly, where it will be archived intact for posterity. All content on the site will be available to the public, but please note that the site will no longer be updated. A URL linking to the archive will be posted on this page.

well, at least what's there now will be archived, but still sad. via gmtplus9.