Saturday, July 09, 2005

oh, wow. plan nine from outer space is now available as a free download. of course i already have it on dvd. but still cool that it's out there nice and legal and for free to boot. via eye of the goof.

speaking of dvds, i recently finished watching cinema different: different cinema vol. I and made in sheffield.

different cinema is a selection of experimental films. my favourite on the set was by tony wu & george hsin. the filmakers are taiwanese and it felt familiar - i think i've seen it at a festival here or perhaps in a museum. a few of the films on the dvd had interesting parts, but had elements that i wasn't sure why they were there. i wish there would have been more information on the films, like a filmmaker's statement about the films. the least interesting film on this set clocked in at 17 minutes(by far the longest on the disc) but seemed to lack focus. i felt like the rambling narration had little to do with the images on the screen. reading the bio on the filmmaker made it sound like he was some bigwig artist, and perhaps he is, but i wasn't that impressed. for my money i'd have liked to have seen more short work put on the disc in place of this longer piece. still, i'm looking forward to what'll be on volume 2.

made in sheffield is a documentary about the music scene in sheffield(england) during the late 70s early 80s. seeing this documentary made me want to start my own band. i wish there would have been more details about what the bands were trying to do with their music instead of just how they got started etc. but still it was great to hear about the early days of cabaret voltaire, abc, heaven 17, the human league, etc. it would have been nice if they had talked to more members of cabaret voltaire and also to members of comsat angels and clock dva. comsat angels and clock dva were mentioned but no interviews with them. surprisingly there was no mention of industrial records which released records by cabaret voltaire and clock dva.