Wednesday, July 13, 2005

patrick has a nice report on seeing hazel nut chocolates and the aprils among others. he mentions that hazel nuts chocolate had a good time when they were here in taiwan for the grass festival and that the aprils will be playing at a festival here in taipei at the end of the month. it turns out they'll be playing at the formoz festival on the electronica stage. i usually avoid these big festivals, but i may try to buy a ticket for a single day just to see them. though i see on sunday that konki duet(the festival site says they are from taiwan, but most of the info i've found on line says one member is japanese and one is french - unless there are two konki duets...) are playing, and i like the songs i've heard by them on that grass festival comp i picked up. also on sunday is a hk band called pixel toy. i'm intrigued simply because of their name. is it better to spend 1200 nt for a three day pass just to see a 3 or 4 bands, or better to pay 900 to go one day to see one or two bands you are interested in? hmm.