Friday, July 22, 2005

this looks to be really cool. the war. a taiwanese animated film:

Legend says that when we´re twelve years old
We all have a chance to travel to another dimension
I don´t know if you had this experience…
I have... Cola King, 2003, North Taiwan

In 2003, Taiwan´s famous illustrator – Cola King, wrote a retro-style book filled with Oriental elements describing the magical trip of a 12-year old boy Johnny on the eve of his summer vacation in a quiet town called the Rabbit Town.

i'd like to hunt down the comic this is based on, even if i couldn't read it. at least i could look at the pretty pictures. you can see the trailer on the site too.

i wonder if this has already played here or not? chances are if it did or does it won't have english subs. in the past few years there have only been a handful of taiwanese films released, but i've been told that in the next year or so we'll see a larger number released. hopefully they'll be interesting and not just commercial attempts at being like hollywood(which almost always pale by comparison). via fwak.