Wednesday, August 31, 2005

neomuet. a site asking filmmakers to go back and re-examine old silent films from the early days of cinema(to learn what seems to have been forgotten) and then to go out and make their own black and white silent films(films should be shot on film(super 8 or 16mm)) to be posted on the site. an interesting concept, but i'm not sure how well it works in execution. the films seem a bit more pixelated than i think they should, but maybe that's just because of the codecs being used. via bibi's box

oh, and it looks like there's another "major" typhoon about to slam into taipei. so if for some odd reason blogging should suddenly stop, you can assume it's typhoon related. most of the time the hype surrounding typhoons is greater than the effect they have on me personally. however, you won't hear me complaining if we have no work tomorrow due to it(we already got this evening off).