Tuesday, September 06, 2005

a few days ago i finished the vinyl will kill! book. it appears that all the interviews were done via email. this has it's advantages and disadvantages. one main disadvantage is that the interviews aren't able to build on what was answered in one question to the next, but for the most part it worked well.

the book is full of typos. i suspect they left these in as it was how the responses were written. but instead of finding this endearing, i just felt like they needed to proofread the text.

the interviews were quite interesting. i'm not sure i really buy that these toys are more "art" than any other mass marketed toy. some of the interviews seemed to be too focused on branding and business for my tastes. after reading the book i see now more than ever that i prefer work done by designers that are artists first, toy designers second.

one of the best interviews in the book is with gary baseman(i really need his book). i especially like his idea that all of his work should be seen as art and not really differentiated this commercial, this fine art, this toy. i often really like certain illustrations until i see some brand name or magazine name ruining the design. it detracts from the art(for me). i'd rather just see the illustrations without the commercial elements detracting from the art.