Tuesday, September 13, 2005

i'm back in taipei, but just barely.

when i was going through taiwan customs on my way to korea the guards pulled me aside and cancelled my taiwan visa! apparently my resident visa needs to match my work permit and it didn't since i'd switched places of employment recently(the guards thought i was leaving taiwan for good - not just going on vacation). new visa rules lots of new confusion.

so when i got to korea - my first full day was spent making frantic phone calls, a lot of waiting and the sending of faxes. the end result was that i got a new visitor visa(which means i still have paperwork to do here in taipei before i get my resident visa). but not without loss of time and money - not to mention the added stress. so much for a nice carefree vacation. korea must want to curse me. this is the second time i've been there, and both times i've had (taiwan)visa issues.

i'll blog later about the details of the trip.