Wednesday, September 07, 2005

this week's audioscrobbler chart. i've been rediscovering the joy that is einsturzende neubauten lately.

i've also noticed that if you click on a track on audioscrobbler it'll take you to a page that shows how many people have played that track and how many people have listened to that band in total. i've read that the numbers are pretty off as they haven't been updated in awhile but it's still kind of interesting.

for example 73,733 people have listened to anthony and the johnsons. but it also says that only two people have listened to their song "you are my sister" and yet that song has been listened to 5085 times. well, so much for accuracy.

other random listens: the free design 4,128 people, ymck 3,093 people, pizzicato five 27,729 people, marcos valle 3,005 people, les baxter 2,881 people and coil 34,294.