Saturday, October 08, 2005

after going to the museum yesterday i went to chia chia records in hsimenting. while looking around i spotted the first my little airport cd and so asked one of the clerks if they had their new cd. she said she'd check, she returns a few moments later with their new cd single(they didn't have the new album yet). it comes with two notebooks made to look like they are from an old elementary school. the single is really really good. especially the title track gigi leung is dead which apparently has some gigi leung fans demanding an explanation of the title. after getting home i took a look at the silent agreement site and found that not only do my little airport have a new single out but so do the marshmallow kisses! so i went and bought it after work. their single only has two songs on it and also comes with notebooks. very nice. the notebooks look to be leftovers from the grass festival from back in may. the silent agreement site has scans of the notebooks as well.