Tuesday, October 04, 2005

a few days ago i spotted this magazine that featured art by gary baseman on the cover. i didn't buy it since it was sealed and i wasn't sure how much of it was devoted to gary, and how much would be text in chinese. but after passing on it i realized i should just go ahead and buy it anyway. by this time i couldn't find it anywhere and feared it had been replaced by a new issue.

shortly after this i spotted some toys that appeared to be by gary baseman. so i went on line trying to see if they were really by gary baseman or not. i never discovered the answer(though i suspect they aren't), but i did find out that he'll be coming to taipei to do a workshop and that there will be an exhibit of his work. i'm not familiar with the street it's on but it's in the xinyi district somewhere. i'll definately be going and if there are toys for sale i'm sure to do some major damage.

after all this i went to our local 7-11 to buy some water. right before i went to pay for it i decided to check out their magazines and what do i find there but the gary baseman issue of ppaper. when i got home i was in for a bigger surprise. there is very little text in it at all. it's nearly all reproductions of his paintings and in the back is an interview in english and chinese! oh happy day.