Thursday, October 20, 2005

a few weeks ago i got a nice email from kenny sasaki of kenny sasaki & the tiki boys. he'd discovered his band on my audioscrobbler charts. he mistakenly thought it was a radio station playlist and offered to send me their second cd. i wrote him back explaining what those charts were, but if he really wanted to he could send me the cd. he wrote back and said he'd send me one anyway. it arrived last week. i'm really digging it(maybe even more than the first one). it's very much exotica in the martin denny or les baxter vein. the main difference is the lack of bird sounds and that there is a definate surf vibe running through some of the songs. looking at his discography i see he released a solo cd in 2004(without the tiki boys), i may just have to pick that up. tiki pop is available via cd baby one of my favourite on line sources for independent music. you can hear samples from the songs there too.