Tuesday, October 18, 2005

i'm back from malaysia. i had a good time. the country(or what i saw of it) is very beautiful. i just loved seeing people going about their daily life, some women wearing headscarfs, the 70s looking buildings on stilts...

the highlight of the trip for me was taking a riverboat ride through the jungle to look for monkeys in the trees. this was done just as the sun was setting, so aside from the monkeys we got to see this gorgeous sunset, and after the sunset the moon came out. once it got too dark to see the monkeys we went in search of crocodiles and fireflies. the closest we got to a crocodile was a lizard in a tree. but the fireflies were pretty amazing. they literally lit up some trees like a christmas tree. this was especially nice for me as i never grew up with fireflies and always wanted to. any contact with fireflies usually makes me happy.

i also walked on one of those suspension bridges. i'm scared of heights and eventhough the bridge was only up in the trees, i was still pretty frightened if i thought about it too much.

sometimes when i travel i wonder what it must be like living in a certain country. and i definately wondered that here. i was pretty amazed to learn that our tour guide for the jungle boat ride had never been out of malaysia. most of the people we met on the trip were super friendly. the hotel staff in particular. and not fake friendly either, but genuinely friendly.

of course being in malaysia made me think of lili of fwak! i somehow doubt i was in her old stomping grounds, but you never know.