Saturday, October 01, 2005

ok, so i'm really confused. today after class one of my student's told me that this photo i took of a frog was featured on flickr's interestingness section. the only thing is i'm not seeing it there. but something must be up. i mean the photo has only been up since september 29th, and it's already been viewed 142 times and been favorited by 10 people. i checked the flickr blog and it's not there either. i don't even think it's the strongest photograph i've taken, but why is it so popular? is there a secret cult of fake frogs on flickr?

mystery solved: looks like it was on the interestingness list for sept. 28th. but considering there are 500 selected for each day i'm not sure if this is the main reason for all the hits or if they are mainly coming from the group pools.