Monday, October 10, 2005

this is pretty amazing. the pinhole lego. you can see how it was created here. and you can see a shot taken with it in this flickr thread. i may have to get myself some legos and see if i can make myself one.

today is double ten(taiwan's national day) so i didn't have to work. i decided to finally modify my dead shumy camera into a pinhole(the pinhole lego sort of inspiring me). after modding, i went to da dao cheng wharf to try it out on some long exposure night shots. i'm a bit clueless what the exposure times on a pinhole are, so i just winged it.

on my way back home i passed through dihua street and they had set up a mosquito cinema(outdoor cinema). the film had no subtitles(chinese nor english) but still it was cool to see the 35 mm projector out there on the sidewalk projecting onto a makeshift screen. shortly after this i passed one of those trucks blaring advertisements from its speakers. but this one was blaring xavier cugat along with the advert(or perhaps instead of the advert). now if only more trucks would blare xavier in the streets, i'd be a much happier man.