Sunday, November 27, 2005

public 16's film-maker's list:

The Film-maker's List was started in Nov. 2005 by Philip Hood as a response to the international Frameworkers group request for an easy source of biographic and title material on key film-makers and moving-image artists. It is an independent and purposely free as well as open-format data collection that anyone may add to and use for research and information sharing purposes.

it's an open-ended list of various experimental filmmakers. most of the people on here i've never heard of, but there are some familiar names on the list: kenneth anger, bruce baillie, craig baldwin to name three. oddly enough no one has added a slot for maya deren yet. thanks to the kenneth anger entry i now know he made a movie in 2000 called don't smoke that cigarette! that is described thusly:

Anger has rifled all the old ad agency back-rooms for banned TV cigarette ads. Combined with jaw dropping cancer images. Come to your own conclusion.

sounds wonderful. via the frameworks mailing list.