Wednesday, November 16, 2005

some of my birthday goodies are starting to arrive. today i had to go to the post office to pick up packages from my friend erin and from my brother. erin gave me a dvd copy of nomi song the documentary about klaus nomi which i've been dying to see. she also gave me a copy of unknown legends or rock 'n' roll which looks like it'll be a fun read. my brother sent me the office on dvd. he was hoping i'd never heard of it and it'd be a total surprise. well, of course i know of it. i'm not sure if it was shown here, but i know it is on dvd here. but i've never seen the show so now i'll get the chance to see what all the hubbub is about for myself.

my parents put money in my account so i could buy this:

originally they were going to buy it stateside and mail it to me(it's cheaper there than here for some evil reason) but the postage alone was going to be around 200 u.s. bucks. so they decided to put money in my account and have me get it here. i went to keyphoto yesterday to buy it. i'd never been to this shop before, but i wish i knew about it before. they sell holgas and tons of photographic equipment(not just cameras). the staff were super friendly and spoke english. they didn't have the scanner on hand, but they are going to mail it to me once it arrives from the warehouse. so soon i'll no longer be at the mercy of the labs for getting scans done from my negs. finally i'll have scans from diana negs that haven't been cropped.