Friday, November 04, 2005

ted clued me into the grey lodge occult review. some sort of on line magazine. issue 17 has titicut follies available for download via bittorrent. i saw this film in college eventhough it was banned almost immediately upon creation. as far as i know it's very out of print:

Prisons and mental institutions, where recalcitrant or ill-fitting citizens are put out of sight, are the dirty secrets of civilized society. As they are owned and controlled by precisely those who wish to keep them secret, and are also confined to specific, enclosed spaces, filmmakers are easily kept out. Wiseman's achievement in creating this unique film document is therefore all the more impressive: it is a major work of subversive cinema and a searing indictment -- without editorializing narration -- of the "system". Wiseman (and his extraordinary cameraman-anthropologist John Marshall) officially gained entrance to a state prison hospital for the criminally insane, where the film was shot, and obtained the co-operation of it's psychiatrists, guards, and social workers. Massachusetts, however, subsequently obtained an injunction preventing the film's exhibition, thereby keeping the secret.

i also see they have jean jeanet's un chant d'amour available for download. i'll have to look into what that is about. which reminds me i still need to give ubuweb's film section a good going over.