Wednesday, November 09, 2005

well, we're back from our trip down south. i somehow expected the trip to impress me more. but i think i like other parts of the island better.

on monday night we stayed in a hotel at the zhi-ben hot springs. our hotel originally had been apartments, but they had been loosely altered into hotel rooms. our room looked like someone's grandma had decorated it. when i get my pictures back i'll have to post a shot of it. it was pretty crazy. the bathroom had a giant bathtub in it that used water from the springs. but the best part was that a double room with two queen size beds was only 1,000 nt(around 30 u.s.) which seemed to us to be quite a steal.

at one of the shops along the street outside our hotel i found these cool locally designed postcards(two posted above). originally i thought i'd send some to friends, but once i bought the set and took a good look at them i changed my mind. the colour and the drawings i fell in love with so my selfish side decided i'd be keeping them.

on our last day we drove along the east coast of taiwan. there are lots of crazy snakelike roads along the cliffs that mark the shore. peter's driving here scared the hell out of me and then we got in a bit of fight(ok, so it was more than a "bit") about his driving experience and the way he was driving. i didn't very well want to die out there on my birthday. he didn't seem to see what the big deal was. it's been agreed that we won't be taking anymore trips like this where he'll need to drive a car.