Friday, December 09, 2005

sorry for the lack of posts around here. i've been down with a bad cold and haven't been up to doing much of anything. i seem to be on the mends now so hopefully that'll be changing.

while i was sick i didn't even feel like keeping up with my favourite blogs. when i finally did i noticed that it's once again time for the weblog awards and that scrubbles has been nominated in the best design category. congrats matt!

i've had certain misgivings about these awards in the past, but still looked upon them as a chance to discover new blogs. but this year, aside from the scrubbles nomination, i just feel disconnected and uninterested in them. i'm not sure what the point of even voting is when people can vote once a day. the site with the most fanatical fans can swing the vote? though i do see that there is a vlog category - though it looks like some(if not most) of the sites nominated are merely interested in imitating the most boring aspects of tv.