Sunday, December 18, 2005

who knew kristin hersh had a blog? from it i learned that kristn hersh's new band 50footwave has a free ep available for download:

With "Free Music" 50FootWave is seeking new earballs. We thought it'd be interesting to ask for your energy & enthusiasm rather than your money and see what happens. To that end, please share this music in any and every way you see fit. Burn CDs, post the mp3s, seed Torrents -- whatever's comfortable for you.

It's an experiment. Who knows how it will go? Wheee!

how cool is that? i didn't really care much for that last throwing muses album, but i'm digging this new band more every time i listen to it. but kristin's voice sounds a bit hoarse - maybe that's the way she sounds these days and i've just been out of the loop?

from her blog i learned that her son is in a band called happy birthday la. they remind me of someone but i'm not sure who.

speaking of kristin hersh, yesterday i was at white wabbit records and they were playing some band that reminded me of someone. at first i thought it reminded me of mirah, but in the end i realized bits in the vocal style reminded me of kristin hersh. i stupidly didn't write down who the band was so i'm probably going to be wondering for years who it was. i liked what i heard.