Friday, January 13, 2006

well, i'm back. i managed to see most of my friends(and many more than once which isn't always the case on trips back to the states). watched lots of bad tv, ate lots of junk and even made it to powells down in portland where i spent a small fortune on books. then i spent a slightly smaller fortune on books at cinema books up in seattle. as if this wasn't bad enough i binged on cds picking up a lot of the lpd i was missing as well as the new david sylvian project nine horses and the new kate bush to just mention a few. i'm enjoying all the goodies i brought back, but i'm sure to be feeling the pain once my credit card bill comes. i probably would have bought even more but i was worried about running out of room in my suitcase as it was.

i only saw one movie while i was back - the lion the witch and the wardrobe. i liked it better than tim burton's wonka film. overall it's ok, but i missed the fairytale feel of the book and i nearly started laughing out loud when i heard aslan speak - the voice was just so wrong for it. i've no idea what they were thinking with casting liam neeson. his voice just didn't suit this at all. my parents gave me some of the bbc productions of the narnia series on dvd for xmas so it'll be interesting to see how i feel about their version in comparison to this one.