Tuesday, February 21, 2006

awhile back i posted about this taiwanese band natural q that seemed interesting. well, to be honest after listening to some sound samples on line i wasn't all that enthused and had decided not to buy their album. but then i was at eslite and they had it on one of the listening stations. to my surprise i found i really liked some of it, and the songs i wasn't so thrilled about i felt would grow on me. and they have and i'm quite happy to have it. i'm especially enjoying the more quirky songs like "buy".

the cd comes with all kinds of nifty packaging. like this plastic record:

that scan isn't very good. but initially i thought it was a flexidisc and was somewhat disappointed when i realized it wasn't, just something made to look like one. but it's still to cool and if you go to 30early.com you can hear some sort of electronic children's music. not bad.

the cd also comes with stickers. the set of robots are my favourites.

augh! it figures, but i just noticed on their website is a message stating that they have now split up. i finally find a taiwanese band that i find interesting and not totally derivative and they go and break up. well, i've still got hopes that dolly's pillbox will prove to be interesting if they ever release an album.

speaking of eslite, the music shop now has a blog. if you go here, you can see some shots from when hazel nuts chocolate and the aprils(among others) were here last year.