Saturday, April 08, 2006

today i went with a few of my students to campo. campo is part flea market, part diy market, and part art happening. it happens on every second saturday of the month in hsimenting. we only stayed for awhile so i missed the mosquito cinema, and most of the music. but it was still cool to look through all the stuff for sale. especially since a lot of it was stuff young people were just making. one stall was selling wind up robots so i bought the one pictured above for 800 nt. they had one that breathed smoke that i reallly wanted, but was too rich for my blood at 2500 nt. i also bought a funky set of postcards. i'll definately be checking out what's happening there next month. i met up with ryan and cindy at campo as well. it'd been much too long since i'd seen them. and to make things nicer they had a gift for me - monster movie by can. they had somehow ended up with an extra copy of it so kindly passed it on to me.