Sunday, April 16, 2006

well, that post about nina hagen got me into a nina mood. so today i stopped by the one second hand cd shop i like to go to in search of more nina. the only cd they had was from 1989 and didn't look to be exactly what i was looking for. the boss played some of it before i left and what i heard wasn't very good.

when i first entered the shop he put on some japanese singer doing old songs. i think it's a new singer but she was doing old songs. the weird thing was i could practically sing along to the songs because i knew the chinese versions! so now the question is which came first - the mandarin version or the japanese versions? i think the singer was mari natsuki or something like that. hmm. i stupidly didn't ask if it was for sale and how much if it was.

i was actually prepared to leave the store and not buy anything, but the boss called my attention to a shelf where there was a double disc compilation by serge gainsbourg called love and the beat. and while looking at that i noticed a kraftwerk cd i was missing so i had no choice but to pick both these up. the funny thing about this serge gainsbourg cd is i'm sure i was in the shop months ago when he was playing this same disc, but it wasn't for sale. i remember then being amazed at how good it sounded. some gainsbourg i like and some doesn't do much for me. but this one is certainly doing it for me.