Saturday, May 13, 2006

today after work i went to campo. none of my friends went as far as i know, but i still had a good time looking at stuff. luckily the robot people didn't have any new robots to tempt me with. but i always like seeing them as they are super friendly. this time i finally saw uncle stone. i bought a stone from him with a fish on it. for some reason i wasn't expecting him to be able to speak english, so i was a bit surprised when he did. at one stall there were three young women selling postcards(among other things) that were quite nice. i bought a bunch of postcards from them - including the one above. i'll no doubt be using most of them for postcrossing activities. i also picked up a beaumont cd i was missing. at one stall someone was selling the lca lomo camera(at over 5,000 nt i decided to pass on it) and one of those little bandai record players. i didn't even ask the price on that one which was probably a good thing. i've heard that there won't be another campo until september, but i'm not sure if that is true or not.