Sunday, May 21, 2006

today i went to the taipei fine arts museum to see their new show of video work. i was really looking forward to this show as this kind of work isn't always easy to see here in taipei. unfortunately, my pleasure at the show was shortlived as the tour guides felt they had the right to interrupt screenings and start talking over the screenings. a video is not a painting. if you miss part of a video screening you have to wait for it to cycle through again. not like with a painting that doesn't change(at least not perceptively). the tickets for the museum state quite clearly please converse quietly, but apparently that doesn't apply to tour guides. i've never experienced such a thing in any other country. i was so angry i had to leave without seeing the whole exhibit. i sent an email to the museum complaining and asking them to explain the reason for this situation. but i'll be surprised if i get any response. the only other time i've experienced such stupidity was at moca taipei. after that i didn't return to the museum for months. i'm still undecided if i'll be returning to tfam.

update: after emailing the museum i received an apology and an offer of free admission if i want to come back and see the show again. so that was nice, i just hope they change the way their tour guides operate when it comes to video/film installations.