Friday, June 09, 2006

last night i went to the wall to see four tet. i work evenings so i had to take a taxi to the club straight from work. when i got there, there were two annoying foreigners standing at the ticket booth. they had some taiwanese woman trying to get them a discount on the ticket price. when i finally got in, four tet was already on stage. the two foreigners were in front of me and stayed for about a minute and then left. sheesh.

i enjoyed the show. four tet is one of those laptop artists and as such there isn't really much to see. from where i was standing you couldn't really see what he was doing with his hands because the back of his laptops blocked the view. he'd go from sporting a crazy grin to looking somewhat like a mad scientist. the audience was really into it(except for the morons at the bar that seemed to talk through most of the show). eventhough i enjoyed the music, i couldn't help feeling that electronic music really hasn't changed very much in 20 years. musically it seemed to be a combination of steve fisk meets jeff greinke with very light touches of edward ka-spel and throbbing gristle.

after the show i picked up two four tet cds and the new psapp. they were having some deal 3 cds for 1000 nt(about 10 u.s. each). four tet was signing autographs after the show but that wasn't a real priority for me so i just went home.