Saturday, June 17, 2006

last weekend was campo(yeah, i've been a bit slow in getting around to posting about it). this time around it was a two day event being sponsored by apple computers. in the past campo has been strictly non-commercial in the sense that there was no advertising and no corporate sponsorship. i had my fears this sponsorship would be a bad thing, and my fears turned out to be true. the usual catwalk/stage area where fashion shows and mosquito cinema usually took place was replaced with a hideous large screen tv blaring apple commercials. usually there are djs and live music throughout the event. this time the focus seemed to be on pushing apple products. one row of booths were now devoted to apple products. thankfully most of the campo visitors seemed to be ignoring the apple crap and concentrating on the campo regulars. the atmosphere was definately not up to usual campo style though, and the gallery space where there is usually art on disply this time was just selling commercial movie posters. the art aspect to campo definately seemed to be lacking.

but aside from these drawbacks there was still some interesting things going on. when we first arrived one of the first things we saw was a young woman(fully clothed) being tied up in front of the taiwan bdsm booth. i'd read that they had been at campo or were supposed to be there, but this was the first time i'd noticed there booth. of course i couldn't leave campo without coming away with quite a few postcards. i bought a bunch from 26 creative. one of which is posted above.

when i visited the robot people they had some new robots. but unfortunatley, the new robots they are importing are the expensive models. whereas i can justify 800 nt(20-25 bucks u.s.) on a robot every once in awhile, 3,000 nt(around 95 bucks u.s.) is just too rich for my blood. but even if i couldn't buy anything, the robot people are always super nice to me and they gave me this cool postcard:

i also picked up a few postcards from

among their postcards i found one promoting some sort of graffiti art event starting on the 20th and running through the 20th of july. i'm hoping i can make the time to take that in.