Thursday, June 01, 2006

who is andy arthur?(via frameworks mailing list) one man's adventure tracking down an obscure song used in a kenneth anger film:

It all began so innocently, in the waning days of the last century, circa early 1997. I was out for dinner in Manhattan with my Beatlemaniac buddy Steve Rosenblatt and his friend Stacey, an artsy type I was meeting for the first and only time. When I mentioned my nascent interest in so-called “underground” film, Stacey innocently suggested I check out the work of Kenneth Anger—in particular a piece called Rabbit’s Moon that she fondly remembered from a film class...

What impressed me about Rabbit’s Moon wasn’t the film itself—a seven-minute, black-and-white affair in which three clowns prance around in a moon-lit forest. No, what really caught my attention was the soundtrack—a demonic laugh kicked off a jaunty, organ-driven Beatlesque song that sounded like some half-forgotten top forty hit from the glam-rock era.