Friday, July 14, 2006

awhile back i'd posted about the taipei toy show. well, i went last friday. it was the first time i'd gone to a toy show. luckily since i went in the early afternoon it wasn't very crowded. the show was pretty good. a lot of stuff i'd not seen in the shops locally. but some of the prices were on the expensive side - at least for me. but regardless i didn't come away empty handed. pictured above is what i picked up(click the picture to see larger).

the top row of toys(and the cat on the bottom row) are by sunnyhero/brightideas. a local toy designer. i went to this booth several times trying to figure out what to buy. the people there were really nice and after i paid a young man at the booth came up to me and thanked me for liking his design. i think they should do a whole series of tiki influenced toys. their toys are on sale locally at the eslite bookstore, but were cheaper at the show.

the bottom row toys: pumpkin head, the rocket club(the orange and blue guys - couldn't find a proper site on the creator nolan ho, but they were some of my favourite toys at the show and i bought the last two they had from this series - i was really hoping for some of the more sci-fi/robot like toys but i'm happy with these), invisible plan(this whole series was really cool - i wish i would of bought more since what i got wasn't so fantastic - some of the other toys were like a bosch sci-fi dream), and ciboys. the little 3 eyed alien guys were for sale really cheap so i picked up five. apparently, they are some disney creation.

taipei bremen was also at the show and i bought a sticker from them. when you bought a sticker they'd let you choose a tiny sticker from a dish. i got one that said "evil" in both chinese and english, but sadly it seems to have gone missing. i must have dropped it somewhere!

of course i couldn't leave the show without picking up the catalogue:

so now i can see some of the things i missed, or should be on the lookout for. this may prove to be a bad thing...