Monday, August 07, 2006

on sunday i got up extra early and went to the yong he flea market. it was somewhat larger than in the past. the snake guy was there with his cobras. i'm not sure what he does with these snakes and i'm also in no hurry to find out. i saw at another stall a boa constrictor(or python?) all curled up asleep(this snake was out in the open unlike the cobras which are "safely" packed away in cages). is this a growing trend? my main goal was to pick up some cheapo camera to tear apart and make into a pinhole camera or alter in some way. i did pick up a little point and shoot for 50 nt. i haven't put batteries in it or taken it apart yet to see how it works, but it's on my list of things to do. my real score of the day was the polaroid supercolor 635CL camera. i've been wanting a polaroid camera for awhile and this one for 250 nt seemed like it'd be a good place to start. of course now i need to figure out the best film for it. i'm sure a single roll of film is going to cost more than the camera itself.