Friday, August 11, 2006

tonight i went to eslite to see the unplugged show dolly's pillbox was doing as part of their summer "shy shy tour". shy, really does sum up this band. they are all the more endearing because of seeming somewhat shy when performing. reminds me of something someone once said about the smiths - describing them as what happens when one shy person gets up on stage and speaks their mind. well, something like that.

the show was a lot of fun. they played quite a few covers. my favourite song of the evening was butterfly boy which i wasn't sure was a cover until i asked the singer after the show. turns out it's a shonen knife cover. they also did covers by belle and sebastian(is it wicked not to care?), dressy bessy, advantage lucy(sung in chinese) and new order(bizarre love triangle). bizarre love triangle always reminds me of my friend george as at one time he had this rule that whenever he heard that song he had to dance.

when i first heard dolly's pillbox they reminded me of a cross between slowdive and some sort of 60s girl group. but now i don't feel that way. i don't really hear slowdive in their sound like i used to. which i think is a good thing.

after the show they were signing autographs but i stupidly had left their cd at home. so i just milled about shopping for cds(picked up easter by patti smith and organisation by omd for those that may be curious) and when everyone was done signing and taking pictures i talked to cathy(the singer) for awhile. for some reason i always get nervous talking to bands, even when they are small local bands like this. it's like being a shy 16 year old all over again. not the most pleasant feeling. cathy seemed to think that the show wasn't the best because of some of the mistakes made, but i think it's nice when things aren't so polished. plus it somehow matches the lo-fi aesthetic of the band.

i also recently discovered that cathy has joined the flickr gang. reading some of her stories that accompany the pictures makes me like her band even more. plus she occasionally uses a holga! how cool is that?