Tuesday, October 17, 2006

on sunday peter and i went to see the devil wears prada. this was the first time we'd gone to the movies in tainan. before we went in peter gave me a mini-lecture on how i shouldn't get mad if people talk during the movie as this is a smaller city than taipei. of course taipei is hardly known for its silent audiences. we were both bracing ourselves for a talkative audience. but then a strange thing happened. people watched the movie, no cell phones went off, and when people talked they whispered so that you could hardly hear them. a pleasant movie going experience. we were both pretty surprised. i'll be very happy if this turns out to be the norm, and not an exception.

as for the movie it wasn't bad. meryl streep was wonderful as usual(i've read for years how amazing an actress she is, but only recently have i seen enough of her work to see how she deserves such praise). i was happy to see tracie thoms of wonderfalls fame in the movie, but i suspect my dislike of entourage is probably going to make it hard for me to ever take adrian grenier seriously as an actor.