Saturday, October 21, 2006

this week's audioscrobber chart. when peter and i went to the tainan eslite for the first time i found one of the klaus nomi cds i was missing so of course i had to buy it. i also picked up the new album by nouvelle vague that i'd been looking for for months. for some reason i was expecting to like it more than i do. i loved the first one, but for some reason this one isn't doing as much for me. before i left taipei one of my students gave me two cds. one by astrud gilberto and one by duke ellington. we used to discuss jazz in his class a lot(yes, i sometimes get paid for just talking about music). still, i was happily surprised with this unexpected gift. i was also surprised at how much of the duke ellington stuff i knew. i suspect from cartoons, which is where all great musical education comes from of course.