Friday, October 06, 2006

well, we've made the move to tainan safely. i think my profile is in need of some serious updating now. as if they knew i was coming i found this nifty display of sanrio guitars in a music shop. the perfect fit for every boy and girl.

since the move life has consisted mainly of unpacking. i managed to make everything fit, but i'm missing the bookcases i had before, but really there isn't room for them here.

it's nice to live somewhere for a change where i can step out onto the balcony and look up and see the moon instead of just a sliver of space between buildings. of course not living in the city center means i must learn to drive a scooter. it's something i'm looking forward to doing as it'll give me the freedom to go where i feel like without as many constraints.

as luck would have it, we still have the server. so everything should be back to normal around here and hopefully i'll be back to blogging regularly again.